Biography [ENG]

ALEX VOYTENKO  (b. 1981, Kiev, Ukraine). Composer, musicologist. Member of National Composers’ Union of Ukraine (2011), teacher of National Music Academy of Ukraine (since 2012), Ph.D. (2012), L.M. Revutsky prize winner (2014).
Alex Voytenko was primarily an autodidact in music. He entered P.I. Tchajkovsky’s National Music Academy of Ukraine in 2002 without any music education, having passed 4 years of studying in the Politechnical institute of Kiev (bachelor of technical sciences).
In 2007 Alex Voytenko graduated NMAU (composition class of prof. Juri Ishchenko) as a composition magister   (graduating composition– Symphony «Tempus fugit» for piano and orchestra; magister work –  «Some specifics of timbral dramaturgy in the exposition of N.Myaskovsky’s Symphony №13», scientific director – prof. I. Piaskovsky) and NMAU’s postgraduate as a musicologist (2007-2010, department of music theory, scientific director – prof. B.Syuta). In 2012 Alex Voytenko has passed Ph.D. thesis defence (theme: “Style specifics of orchestral tone color functional interpretation in N. Yak. Myaskovsky’s compositions” ).
2004 – won a stipendium of World Wagner Society (trip to Baureuth’ theatre, Germany).
2005 and 2007 – co-organizer of the festival “International Forum “Youth’ music”” (Kiev, Ukraine).
2006 – together with conductor V.Matiuhin and National Soloist’s Ensemble “Kiev’s Kamerata” organized a concert to N.Myaskovsky’s 125-th anniversary (Kiev, Ukraine).
2006 – won diploma of composers’ competition in memory of D.Shostakovych (St. Petersbourgh, Russia) for composition “Nóμoς I” for 12 strings. This composition also became a base to creating short documentary “Nóμoς” by film-director Elena Eremenko (Ukraine).
2008 – art-director of the festival “Kiev Youth’ Music Tribune” (Kiev, Ukraine).
Took part in the International Symposium «Musical world of K. Stockhausen» (2008, Kiev, Ukraine) and in the Seminar on modern music’ problems «Musica plus ultra»  (2010, Kiev, Ukraine), International conference «Russian and Soviet Music: Reappraisal and Rediscovery» (2011, Durham, UK), international symposium «Ancient and modern music: new aspects of understanding» (2012, Kiev, Ukraine).
Author of many musicological and publicistic works. Researcher of N.Yak. Myaskovsky’s oeuvre. Main areas of musicological activity – orchestration theory, general theoretical problems of composition.
Alex Voytenko has made a large amount of arrangements applying various ensembles. Author of video games music, in particular — «Daymare Town» series by Mateusz Skutnik (Poland).